Steptember | Time to start walking

Spring is just around the corner.

Coincidentally so is Steptember. A month where people across the world commit to walking 10,000 steps each day and raise funds for the inspiring Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

There’s no better time to make this sort of commitment.

Strip off the winter layers. Pull out the runners and remember what it’s like to feel the sun on your skin.

Taking 10,000 steps a day is one heck of a challenge!

It is the recommended MINIMUM amount for any Australian adult.

Yet 81% of us don’t achieve it.

The most common excuse is lack of time or too many other commitments.

10,000 steps is about 4km which is 1 hour of not so fast walking… that’s across the entire day.

We’re talking:

Ducking own to grab a coffee   = 200 steps

Getting your lunch = 800 steps

Walking to the bus stop = 500 steps

Walking back = 500 steps

                         = 2000 steps already


Try to grab a colleague for lunch and go for lunch 15 minutes walk from the office.

You might notice, not only are you feeling better but so are your colleagues.



Not only is it good for you physically, it’s proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

It’s also proven to boost productivity by 21% and motivation by 41%.

If that’s not enough, then do it for a great cause.

Engaged workforces are 147% more profitable than unengaged workforces.

Walking is proven to support physical and mental wellbeing as well as boost motivation and productivity levels.

So whatever your excuse, it’s time to commit.

4 weeks is how long it takes to set in new habits. Create new habits in time for summer.

I’d love to hear how making these minor changes might have affected you. Please reach out at

Happy Steptember!